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Luxury apartments for those who want a superior experience.

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rental house in menorca for holidays

What is the best area in Menorca to rent a house?

All Menorca is beautiful, in all areas you will see a beautiful landscape or environment if it is an urban area, but there is always an area that stands out from the others for the Rent houses in Menorca.

What is the best area to rent for holidays in Menorca? Well, the best area is in the south of the island, in the central part, in Son Bou beach.

Son Bou beach is ideal to stay since you have a lot of properties, apartments, villas or even luxury apartments and villas for rent.

There are many reasons why this beach is the best one to rent the apartment or villa. From Son Bou you can access the whole island since its position is privileged to be in the center of the island but in the southern part, next to the beach.

From here, and along the national road, which crosses the island from east to west, you have to supply all the beaches, coves, towns and places of interest along its route . Meorca is not very big and everything is close.

Our If you do not want to move, Son Bou is ideal, since you have all the amenities nearby, in the leisure area. There you will find, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacy, bars, bakery, etc ...

Meet our luxury rental villas for your holidays in Menorca.

Suites Premium

Rent Luxury Apartment in Menorca

Renting a luxury apartment in Menorca is a way to combine the advantages of renting an apartment and the sensations and privileges of a premium accommodation. Enjoy your holidays in Menorca, with a unique comfort..

☆ Las Vistas Suite T2

4 persons - 2 bedrooms

from 169€/day
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☆ Sunset Suites & Spa

4 persons - 2 bedrooms

from 124€/day
See Suites

☆ Las Vistas Suite T1

2 persons - 1 bedroom

from 169€/day
See Suite

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